Kabuki (en:Kabuki)

It is said that the origin of a word of Kabuki is [Katamuku (oblique)].

That was the word for those who prefer to deviate from the normal course of action. However, the present Kabuki does not have such a meaning.

Present Kabuki is a composite art which fused together traditional music, dance and theatrical performance.

You are certain to be moved deeply by traditional performing arts!!



Postcards KABUKI

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Ninja (en:Ninja)

If you think the ninja to be the strongest martial artist, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.

Ninja is a group that is based on covert actions.

The main missions infiltrated into the enemy’s area and conducted espionage, manipulation of information, and assassinating.

Unremarkable was the most important, so the combat was avoided as much as possible.

Ninja is the great engineer group who has the knowledge of animals, plants and chemistry rather than the strongest martial artist.

The image of the strong ninja was made by animation and the video game.


Ninja Sword Umbrella

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Maid Cafe (en:Maid Cafe)

As you know, Maid cafe is one of the cultures of the origin in Akihabara.

Maid cafes are cafes where waitress dressed up as maids and serve customers. The greatest feature is a set up in which a maid waits on the customer as her master.

When you enter the maid cafe, she will welcome you and say “Welcome back, master”.

For more informations about service, please watch the video below.

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